What has led to Bayern Munich’s recent goal-spree

Julian Nagelsmann’s Bayern have been ruthless this season, scoring a mammoth 46 goals in just 10 games despite playing the likes of Dortmund, Leipzig and Barcelona in that time. After a failed preseason Nagelsmann quickly realized that he had to work with a 4-2-3-1 system here in Bavaria unlike what he has done in his previous clubs. Although while in possession they build from the back with patience, with a changed system of 3-1-4-2 that gives players several passing options to break out of the press.


Alphonso Davies is given the freedom to play quite high in this shape, almost as a left winger, using the threat of his pace and individual skill to occupy at least one defender, leaving space in the middle for the likes of Thomas Müller, Leon Goretzka and usually Leroy Sané, who drifts inside in this system to receive the ball in space and feed Robert Lewandowski. The right winger, usually Serge Gnabry, has the same responsibility as Davies.

Müller and Goretzka are perhaps the most important pieces of Nagelsmann’s offensive system, with the freedom and duty to roam all around the attacking half to provide passing options and connect the team in possession. Once the ball reaches the final third, players are free to break out of their slots and converge on the box for crosses and rebounds, and Nagelsmann encourages as many crosses and shots from distance as possible. The wingers have a lot of wide spaces to exploit due to overloading in the middle by Bayern players, also resulting in them putting dangerous crosses for their marksman Lewandowski, this being another alternative to feed him good crosses.


What Bayern really want, though, is to steal the ball in midfield. Once they do, it’s time to send the cavalry. Bayern’s counter-attacks under Nageslmann are absolutely insane, with at least six players running as fast as they possibly can towards the box looking for a goal. The most vital player during these situations is, Leroy Sane for his pace, who has been rejuvenated in his new Left Winger role. He has been a different player altogether this season and now is heavily involved in attacks, by making those fiery runs on the wings and sometimes drifting inside the box to give support to Robert Lewandowski.

All the goals that Bayern are scoring, there is a huge say of one man, Robert Lewandowski. He has continued his great form from last season and has 7 goals already this season and will be looking to continue being amongst the goals. He is perfect for this system, being at the right place at the right time in the box, during attacks. The pattern of drilling balls inside the box and hoping to find the striker, has worked for them brilliantly until now and has resulted in a lot of goals.


Along with all of this, Nagelsmann has emphasised on regular rotation of players, which has made sure that there are no frequent injuries and which has also given a chance for the bench to have some minutes under their belt, resulting in them having a strong depth as well. One player who has been benefitted by this rotation is Jamal Musiala, who has shone at the biggest stage from time to time and has caused a lot of problems to the opposition defences. He is a brilliant backup winger, and as Gnabry, Sane and Coman are injury prone players, Musiala has to have game sharpness throughout the season as his services can be needed as the busier days are about to come. Lewandowski’s backup Chuopo Moting has been amongst the goals as well and the new signing Sabitzer who is a bench player in the current plans, is someone who is extremely versatile and can play anywhere. This depth just proves that Nagelsmann has the injury side of things sorted and is making sure that the high intensity style of olay is sustainable throughout the season.


With all the talent at his service, Nagelsmann doesn’t have to do anything too special to find results, but to keep it simple and fun. If he is able to do that his Bayern squad will continue to look as scary as they do and their free flowing football would mean a lot of destruction by them this season.

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