Uefa Europa League: Semi Finals Preview

Manchester United vs Sevilla

The first game of the semi-finals would be an exciting one as the Spanish side Sevilla will take on the Red Devils from England. Both the teams rely heavily on their goal scoring spree and both sides have been up to the mark defensively.


It would be easy to say that United were not sharp against FC Copenhagen but were able to create chances efficiently and will have to step their game up against a team like Sevilla who can punish them by playing out from the back. Whereas, Sevilla were marvelous against struggling Wolves. Though, they were not able to score many goals against Wolves it was more because of the fact that Wolves were playing on counters.

Manchester United have an excellent run of performances in the Europa League and have won 8 games out of 11. Manchester United have scored 24 goals out of which 5 goals have been scored by Mason Greenwood and have conceded 4 goals. Bruno Fernandes having played for Sporting Lisbon had scored 6 goals and is the top scorer of the Europa League. Sevilla on the other hand have won 7 out of 10 games and scored 18 goals and have conceded 7 goals. Ocampos would be Sevilla’s key player who would be on the eyes of United’s back line.


In my opinion United vs Sevilla would be a tight game and United will have to act fast in the game. The reason is clear that if Sevilla take the lead it would become difficult for United to comeback.

Inter Milan vs Shakhtar donetsk

Another thriller in the Europa league which could be a high scoring game if Inter plays with the same intensity. The Ukrainian side could make the game an interesting one if they are able to defend effectively.

Both the sides have played good offensively in the Europa league as both the sides have managed to score more than 2 goals per game. Inter Milan have played in a systematic approach and have only conceded 2 goals in 4 games. On the contrary Shakhtar have been vulnerable defensively as they have conceded 6 goals in 5 games but have scored 14 goals in the campaign.


Lukaku is the key player for Inter who could change the game on his own as he has scored 4 goals in the Europa league and can still compete for the top scorer as he needs to outscore Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United in 2 games. Inter Milan could make the game difficult for Shakhtar as the dynamic defenders like Godin, De Vrij, Bastoni and Skriniar would not easily allow Shakhtar to score goals.

33 year old Júnior Moraes could be one of the key players for the Ukrainian side who has scored 4 goals and has an assist but it would require a team effort for Shakhtar Donetsk to beat a team like Inter Milan who finished 2nd in Serie A. In my opinion Shakhtar Donetsk needs to score first in order to reach the Finals.


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