#DreamTeen: The Present And Future of FC Barcelona

#DreamTeen is a reflection on the mission of President Joan Laporta to bring glory to FC Barcelona with homegrown talents while playing beautiful football; the kind of football that can earn you a standing ovation at the Santiago Bernabeu

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How Can Fc Barcelona Bring Back The Glory Days

There have been lots of articles, videos and whatnot talking about the poor shape of FC Barcelona. The future of Ronald Koeman has come into question several times over his not so long tenure and in recent times even Laporta’s ability has also come under fire. But talking about the problems is not going to solve them especially in FC Barcelona’s case. So this article is a realistic roadmap of how FC Barcelona can expect to win trophies in the short and medium term.

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Proving Worth of Barca’s Squad

With Lionel Messi’s departure, many predict that this Barcelona team stands little chance of winning any trophies in the foreseeable future. Barca fans even anticipate the team won’t make it into the top four this season. This article evaluates FC Barcelona as a contender for the league title. Proving why they are not only capable of being competitive but also winning.

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