Fantasy Premier League: Analysing Goalkeeper Options


Ederson Moraes, the Brazilian international has been playing for Manchester City since 2017. In his time there, the shot-stopper has made 184 saves. In the 2019/20 campaign, Ederson won the golden glove, making 68 saves and keeping 16 clean sheets. Ederson conceded 28 goals throughout the season and has a save percentage of 72%. Through all the statistics, it is easy to believe that as per Guardiola’s philosophy, the goalie didn’t face a lot of shots and all the credit goes to Guardiola and his defenders. In my opinion, if you want to go for City’s defense buy Laporte, Walker, or Cancelo depending upon who is on the team sheets week in and week out.

Nick Pope

Nick Pope kept 15 clean sheets in the 19/20 premier league season, only two less than Manchester City’s shotstopper Ederson Moraes. Burnley conceded 50 goals throughout the season and it was due to Pope who didn’t allow more goals behind the bar. Nick Pope averaged 3.16 saves per match, which meant that the shot-stopper earned the most of the bonus points. Burnley had the worst defense among the best six in the league in terms of shots faced on target. Burnley is one of those teams which would blank the first game week, but have an excellent set of fixtures till the 10th game week.

Vincente Guaita


Vicente Guaita is priced at 5 million and has an ownership of just 1.5 percent. Guaita has had a good record of saving goals, in the 19/20 season he made a total of 110 saves and had a save percentage of 71% in 35 appearances. Crystal Palace has been struggling through a string of injuries in the pre-season, but they have a set of great fixtures till the 13th game week. In my opinion, if the Palaces defenders recover from their injuries Guaita is a tempting option.

Mat Ryan

Matt Ryan, the most owned keeper after Nick Pope, priced at 4.5 million, earned 135 points throughout the season. Brighton was expected to keep 12.44 clean sheets in the campaign but only kept 9 out of them. Matt Ryan improved a lot from 2018/19 to the 2019/20 season and its credit goes to the manager Graham Potter. Matt Ryan had a save percentage of 68% and also made 3.08 saves per 90, according to the statistics, Ryan underperformed, which means there would be more to see from him. Matt Ryan is a good option, but Brighton’s start in the premier league looks a bit dodgy as they will be playing, Chelsea and Manchester United in the first four fixtures.


Marek Rodak

Marek Rodak played for Fulham in the championship and was a great asset to them as he kept 13 clean sheets in 33 starts. Fulham was weak defensively at the start of the season, but they tightened up in the second half of 2019/20. Just four first-team regulars in the Championship made more saves per match than the 23-year-old Slovak (2.9). The Cottagers kept 10 clean sheets in the 20 games that their January signing (Hector) started, conceding on just 17 occasions. His save percentage of 76.9% was the best in the English second tier and the player has to be in consideration as Fulham’s 6 games out of the FDR.

Hugo Lloris


Hugo Lloris, France’s first-choice keeper, priced at 5.5 million has to be considered one of the best goalkeepers in the premier league irrespective of the fact that Spurs kept only 8 clean sheets. He has an ownership of 5 percent, so he is a great differential to have in your team. Hugo had a 3.86 saves per 90 also, Spurs have an amazing run of fixtures at the start of the premier league season which can help his owners gain an early

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