Fantasy Premier League: Midfielders To Look Out For

As the premier league is set to start on the 12th of September and the fpl managers will have to pay attention to their teams. Analyzing and investing money on the midfielders would be one of the most important tasks in the 2020-21 season. We can see that many positional changes have taken place for the upcoming season and the prices of the midfielders have reached sky-high as most of the prominent choices are above 8 million.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang, there isn’t much more to be said about this man who has been scoring goals for fun in the premier league so consistently in his 2.5 seasons here while playing out of position. Aubameyang is priced at 12 million and there could be a possibility that Auba might play as a striker in the coming season under Mikel Arteta and the return of points would be greater. Aubameyang would be a good choice before the International break as Arsenal will be travelling to Craven Cottage in the first game-week while the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Sterling, Bruno Fernandes and Rashford will be out for the first game-week.


Mohamed Salah

Unsurprisingly, Mo Salah would be the first player lining up in midfield having scored 19 goals and assisted 10 in 2019-20 campaign. Salah being on penalties and averaging 3.8 shots per game would be on most of the team sheets. Though Liverpool have a tough set of fixtures to start of with as they will be facing newly promoted Leeds at Anfield in the first game-week, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham United before the international break. Liverpool would be ready to face the opponents in style after a short break from the premier league champions.

Hakim Ziyech

Ziyech is one of those players who is very good at the price of 8 million as he had already established himself in the Champions League. According to me, Ziyech is a great option if he is able to adapt to the premier league, as many players have moved out of price that range. Chelsea’s fixtures are favorable enough to keep him on the team sheet for start of the season. Ziyech has also averaged 4.3 shots/game and was involved in 26 goals in Eredivisie and Champions League. Christian Pulisic could have been in consideration but it’s unlikely that he would be back with full fitness before start of the season.


Heung-Min Son

Son is a a prominent midfielder who’s attacking output has increased in the previous season as he was more involved in the creating goals for the team. The Korean forward created 12 big chances which were the most by any Spurs midfielder and scored 11 goals. Spurs have a comfortable set of fixtures for the first 8 game-weeks and any manger could benefit from them as it would be difficult to take most of the premium options. Also, Son would be playing week in and week out so there would be no trouble that any manager would face regarding selections.

James Maddison

A budget option playing week in and week out and one of the most creative players of Leicester City. We have noticed in the first half of the 2019/20 season that Maddison was involved in most of the goals scored by the Foxes. Maddison’s overall performance is the reason we can trust him in the earlier part of the season as Leicester’s team would be fresh and we can expect a good amount of goals in the first five game-weeks.


Kevin De Bruyne

One of the best players in the premier league in the past would be the first player on my team sheet. Fantasy premier league managers will find it hard to choose between Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne as both of them are priced at 11.5 million. De Bruyne will come into the new premier league season after a record-breaking 19/20 season, registering 251 points, more than any other player. The midfield maestro was also involved in 36 of Man City’s goals after adding up his fpl assists. De Bruyne is a great option ahead for the season but this doesn’t mean we can simply shun Sterling as he produced some amazing performances in the end of the season. The question is whether or not Sterling can sustain such form across a whole season.

Bruno Fernandes

One of the best players in the second half of the season, and was in top form till the season ended but his performances in the Europa league has not been up to his mark as he was playing deeper as compared to his performances in the premier league. As the numbers suggest Bruno’s goals scoring spree had declined coming to the end of the season, we can again expect a fresh start by Fernandes but United will start of their campaign in the second game-week of the premier league. Bruno Fernandes is still a good option in my opinion in the start of the season as United have a good set of fixtures but at a hefty price of 10.5 million I would suggest you to wait and see how United performs.

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