Bundesliga season review: Highlights of the season

Bundesliga season 2019/20 came to a conclusion on 27th June, and this was a very special season for more than one reason. This season showed us some unusual scenarios which we might never get to see again. This season saw so many table-toppers during the course of it. This season saw a fierce fight for the Champions League spot and to avoid the relegation as well. But it will always be remembered for a whole different reason.

Something never witnessed

As the season was continuing in full flow, it met a setback. A global Pandemic caused by Covid-19 struck globally which forced the world to go in lockdown and thus resulting in cancellation of almost all activities. On 12th March, the authorities decided to put a hold on the Bundesliga for the safety of the players. Uncertainty loomed larger day by day over the future of the season. Many were suggesting to declare it null and void but the authorities worked hard for the restart of Bundesliga and it became the first league out of the top five to come back. On 16th May the first round of fixtures took place but in a lot more different circumstances. Empty stadiums, substitutes made to sit far from each other, no ball boys, drinks break, 5 substitutions in a game, all these were very new for the fans. But there was something else that happened at the start of the game which was for a good cause. Bundesliga came together to support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement by kneeling down before each game to show their solidarity against racism. Many players also supported the movement by different gestures throughtout the game.

Even after all the difficulties and the uncertainty we were able to find this season’s champions.

The champions

FC Bayern Munich won their 8th consecutive Bundesliga title but, it wasn’t as easy as they would have hoped for. Under Niko Kovač, they had a rough start to the season and saw themselves 7th in the table after Matchday 14. The time ran out for him when Bayern suffered a 5-1 loss to Frankfurt. The board decided to sack him and make the assistant coach, at that time, Hansi Flick as the interim manager. Flick got off to a flying start, by beating their rivals Dortmund in his first game incharge. Hansi went on to have a better start than a great like Pep and won 26 of his first 29 matches. Not only wins but he improved Bayern overall, he reincarnated Müller, whose career seemed to be done and dusted under Niko Kovač. Müller later went on to break the record for most assist in a season (but that will be more talked about in the second part). He invested in young players like Davies and it all paid off. Flick’s every decision was spot on, which greatly helped a seemingly turbulent Bayern at the start of the campaign, get their hands on the title.

Upsetting all odds

Union Berlin emerged as the team that took everyone by surprised on how they performed. They were in the top division for the very first time in their club’s history and although being the favourites to get relegated, they surprised everyone by finishing 11th. They were very well off the relegation spot and all of that thanks to the spirit in their team. They also caused a few upsets this season, a major one being, defeating Dortmund early in the season. Some do suspect this as one of the major reasons for the belief they had in their ranks throughout the season. It will be very fun to watch how they pan out next season. Will they better themselves or was this just a fluke?

Teams that Fell prey to relegation

Paderborn finished the season on the last spot, promoting from Division 2 last season itself, it was a very short stay for them in the Bundesliga. They were a very attacking side and did cause a few problems for other teams, but it was just really hard for them to get victories. They finished the season with 20 points which was very underwhelming, and were 10 points less from the other relegated side, Düsseldorf. Fortuna Düsseldorf were very unlucky to get relegated as their fate was decided on the last day, after having a fierce competition for the relegation play off spot. Werder Bremen were only a point ahead of them and saved themselves from relegation. Düsseldorf played good football but were just too unlucky as they lost many closely contested games.

This season also saw many players break different records, new players coming onto the scene and the old lighting up the Bundesliga once again. Many records were broken, many players bid their farewell and all of that comes in the second part of the review. So stay tuned!

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