The D-Day: Bundesliga Final Matchday Preview

We’ve reached the final matchday of the season and what a roller coaster ride this season has been! FC Bayern have clinched the title, Paderborn are relegated but there is a lot left to decide on the final day. 3 teams are in the race for the 2 elusive champions league spot and Bremen and Düsseldorf both are eyeing on the relegation playoff spot, just to give themselves one more chance of surviving. So here it is the last preview of the season 2019-20.

Player of the week

The striker who has been prolific all season, Robert Lewandowski, has shown his class once again in Bayern’s 3-1 win against Freiburg. The Polish striker now has 33 goals, most by a non German player in a season, after scoring twice against Freiburg. He also gave an assist for the first goal, all this in one half only! Lewandowski has had the season of his life, with records tumbling almost every time he scored. He’s been the best from Match-day 1, to show that, this season he became the first player ever to score in the first 11 match days of a season! He undoubtedly has had the best season of his career so far, and would be looking forward to end it on a high as he faces his favourite opponent, Wolfsburg. He’s 31 now and nobody knows how his next years are going to be, but for sure he has his name amongst the legends of the game.

Matches to look forward to

Not just one, but there are two matches to look forward to on the final matchday. Werder Bremen and Düsseldorf both looking for the relegation playoff spot, Düsseldorf currently in the driving seat with 2 points ahead of Bremen, but rule nothing out as crazy things have happened on the final matchday. Düsseldorf faces Union Berlin who, against the odds, have achieved safety and are in the 12th spot. Bremen on the other hand faces FC Köln, who are 14th and just managed to achieve safety. Bremen, with their recent performances looks to be having a great chance to win this game but Köln has produced wonders this season and we can’t rule one out this time as well. Both the teams will be fighting with all their spirits, to give themselves one more chance to stay in the top division of Germany. My predictions are Düsseldorf getting the relegation playoff spot but, it’s going to be a very very tight game for both the clubs with a lot on the line and emotions will be running extremely high.

Farewell to Leipzig’s hero: Timo Werner

From being the Bundesliga’s best, Timo Werner is now on a journey to become the world’s best after accepting Chelsea’s offer. Werner will join the London side after this Bundesliga season, which makes it his final match in the German top flight. The 24 year old striker has been a Bundesliga homegrown talent, from coming up the ranks of the youth team of Stuttgart. He played for Stuttgart’s senior team for 3 years. In the 95 appearances he made, he scored 13 times and assisted 10 times. In 2016 he earned a move to RB Leipzig, where everything changed for him. He became a superstar for the club from the get-go. He scored 93 goals and assisted 40 times in his 158 appearances for the club. He emerged as one of the Europe’s best young prospect, thanks to these performances he made for Leipzig. This season he scored 26 goals which is second best to Robert Lewandowski’s 33 goals. He was an exciting player and he lit up the Bundesliga for many many years, be it his pace, his skills or his finishing he never always entertained everyone. Now, he plays his final game against Augsburg and would love to entertain his admirers for one last time in the Bundesliga. So best of luck Timo for your time in London and surely the Premier League will be amazed with what he has to offer!

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